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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Azerbaijan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Baku(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Ganca(Ganca)Ganja Airport
Sumqayit(Sumqayit)Nasosnaya Air Base
Mingacevir(Mingacevir)Gabala International Airport
Qaracuxur(Baki)Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Ali Bayramli(Ali Bayramli)Kyurdamir Air Base
Bakixanov(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Naxcivan(Nakhichevan)Nakhchivan Airport
Saki(Saki)Gabala International Airport
Yevlax(Yevlax)Gabala International Airport
Bilacari(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Mastaga(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Agdam(Agdam)Stepanakert Air Base
Barda(Barda)Stepanakert Air Base
Xacmaz(Xacmaz)Sital Chay Airport
Salyan(Salyan)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Hovsan(Baki)Baku Kala Air Base
Calilabad(Calilabad)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Samkir(Samkir)Dollyar Air Base
Goycay(Goycay)Gabala International Airport
Agcabadi(Agcabadi)Stepanakert Air Base
Imisli(Imisli)Kyurdamir Air Base
Lokbatan(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Samaxi(Samax?)Kyurdamir Air Base
Sabirabad(Sabirabad)Kyurdamir Air Base
Amircan(Baki)Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Buzovna(Baki)Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Bina(Baki)Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Agdas(Agdas)Gabala International Airport
Qazimammad(Hac?qabul)Kyurdamir Air Base
Quba(Quba)Gabala International Airport
Zabrat(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Sabuncu(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Haci Zeynalabdin(Sumqayit)Nasosnaya Air Base
Qazax(Qazax)Dollyar Air Base
Susa(Susa)Stepanakert Air Base
Neftcala(Neftcala)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Zaqatala(Zaqatala)Dollyar Air Base
Tartar(Tartar)Stepanakert Air Base
Bilasuvar(Bilasuvar)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Xanlar(Xanlar)Ganja Airport
Tel'mankend(Saatl?)Kyurdamir Air Base
Agsu(Agsu)Kyurdamir Air Base
Qusar(Qusar)Gabala International Airport
Ucar(Ucar)Gabala International Airport
Mardakan(Baki)Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Astara(Astara)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Binaqadi(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Xudat(Xacmaz)Sital Chay Airport
Ismayilli(Ismay?ll?)Gabala International Airport
CityNearest Airport
Artyom(Baki)Baku Kala Air Base
Qobustan(Baki)Nasosnaya Air Base
Goytapa(Calilabad)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Tovuz(Tovuz)Dollyar Air Base
Agstafa(Agstafa)Dollyar Air Base
Qax(Qax)Ganja Airport
Qabala(Qabala)Gabala International Airport
Badamdar(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Balaxani(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Culfa(Nakhichevan)Nakhchivan Airport
Zardab(Zardab)Kyurdamir Air Base
Saray(Abseron)Nasosnaya Air Base
Agdara(Tartar)Stepanakert Air Base
Zira(Baki)Baku Kala Air Base
Ordubad(Nakhichevan)Nakhchivan Airport
Turkan(Baki)Baku Kala Air Base
Masalli(Masall?)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Balakan(Balakan)Dollyar Air Base
Aliabad(Zaqatala)Dollyar Air Base
Bilgah(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Ramana(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Gadabay(Gadabay)Dollyar Air Base
Corat(Sumqayit)Nasosnaya Air Base
Cabrayil(Cabray?l)Stepanakert Air Base
Nardaran(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Icari(Zangilan)Stepanakert Air Base
Zayam(Samkir)Dollyar Air Base
Qobu(Abseron)Zabrat Airport
Goranboy(Goranboy)Ganja Airport
Lerik(Lerik)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Banka(Neftcala)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Naftalan(Naftalan)Ganja Airport
Qubadli(Qubadl?)Stepanakert Air Base
Aran(Yevlax)Ganja Airport
Cinarli(Qax)Ganja Airport
Mincivan(Zangilan)Stepanakert Air Base
Qizilhacili(Goranboy)Ganja Airport
Boradigah(Masall?)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Xocali(Xocal?)Stepanakert Air Base
Ceyranbatan(Abseron)Nasosnaya Air Base
Qarayeri(Samux)Ganja Airport
Xocasan(Baki)Zabrat Airport
Xocavand(Xocavand)Stepanakert Air Base
Kijoba(Astara)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Mugan(Hac?qabul)Kyurdamir Air Base
Dalilar(Samkir)Dollyar Air Base
Hasanabad(Neftcala)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Qaracala(Salyan)Kyurdamir Air Base
Yardimli(Yard?ml?)Kyzylagadzh Air Base
Xilli(Neftcala)Kyzylagadzh Air Base