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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Afghanistan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Kabul(Kabul)Kabul International Airport
Kandahar(Kandahar)Kandahar Airport
Mazar-e Sharif(Balkh)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Herat(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Jalalabad(Nangarhar)Jalalabad Airport
Konduz(Kunduz Province)Konduz Airport
غزنی(Ghazni)Kabul International Airport
Balkh(Balkh)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Baghlan(Baghlan)Konduz Airport
Gardez(Paktia Province)Kabul International Airport
Khost(Khowst)Jalalabad Airport
Khanabad(Kunduz Province)Konduz Airport
Tashqorghan(Balkh)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Talikan(Takhar)Konduz Airport
Pol-e Khomri(Baghlan)Konduz Airport
Sheberghan(Jowzjan)Maimana Airport
Charikar(Parvan)Bagram Air Base
Sar-e Pol(Sar-e Pol)Maimana Airport
Paghman(Kabul)Kabul International Airport
Samangan(Samangan)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Nawab City(Helmand)Kandahar Airport
Gereshk(Helmand)Kandahar Airport
Farakh(Farah)Herat Airport
Feyzabad(Badakhshan)Konduz Airport
Sindand(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Andkhvoy(Faryab Province)Maimana Airport
Rostaq(Takhar)Konduz Airport
Qaravol(Kunduz Province)Konduz Airport
Nahrin(Baghlan)Konduz Airport
Baraki Barak(Lowgar)Kabul International Airport
At Khvajeh(Takhar)Konduz Airport
Eslam Qal`eh(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Karokh(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Mehtar Lam(Laghman)Jalalabad Airport
Kushk(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Shahrag(Ghowr)Herat Airport
Asmar(Konar)Jalalabad Airport
Sang-e Charak(Sar-e Pol)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Khash(Nimruz)Kandahar Airport
Achin(Nangarhar)Jalalabad Airport
Parwan(Parvan)Bagram Air Base
Qarqin(Jowzjan)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Mirabad(Nimruz)Kandahar Airport
Zarghun Shahr(Paktika)Kabul International Airport
Sangin(Helmand)Kandahar Airport
Panjab(Bamian)Kabul International Airport
Uruzgan(Oruzgan Province)Kandahar Airport
Pul-i-Alam(Lowgar)Kabul International Airport
Chiras(Sar-e Pol)Maimana Airport
Hokumati Azraw(Paktia Province)Kabul International Airport
CityNearest Airport
Qareh Bagh(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Kalat-i-Ghilzai(Zabul Province)Kandahar Airport
Ashkasham(Badakhshan)Konduz Airport
Jorm(Badakhshan)Konduz Airport
Kuhestan(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Tokzar(Sar-e Pol)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Char Burj(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Lar Gerd(Jowzjan)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Rudbar(Nimruz)Kandahar Airport
Farkhar(Takhar)Konduz Airport
Zendeh Jan(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Anar Darreh(Farah)Herat Airport
Emam Saheb(Kunduz Province)Konduz Airport
Darzab(Sar-e Pol)Maimana Airport
`Alaqehdari Deh-e Shu(Helmand)Kandahar Airport
Tagow Bay(Sar-e Pol)Maimana Airport
Darvishan(Helmand)Kandahar Airport
Qarchi Gak(Balkh)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Dasht-e Archi(Kunduz Province)Konduz Airport
Qal`eh Shahr(Sar-e Pol)Maimana Airport
Zareh Sharan(Paktika)Kabul International Airport
Tir Pol(Herat Province)Herat Airport
Mohmand Darrah(Nangarhar)Jalalabad Airport
Yengi Qal`eh(Takhar)Konduz Airport
Tagao(Kapisa)Bagram Air Base
Khandud(Badakhshan)Konduz Airport
Mir Bachcheh Kowt(Kabul)Kabul International Airport
Dorufchah(Takhar)Konduz Airport
Dahaneh-ye Ghowri(Baghlan)Konduz Airport
Lab-Sar(Sar-e Pol)Mazar I Sharif Airport
Darwazkay(Konar)Jalalabad Airport
Munay(Konar)Jalalabad Airport
Mulkanah(Konar)Jalalabad Airport
Din MahdHerat Airport
RostamHerat Airport
Vali MahdHerat Airport
Molla Nur-e MahdHerat Airport
KeychiHerat Airport
Paruza'iHerat Airport
Molla Kheyl(Baghlan)Konduz Airport
LokriHerat Airport
Larkhabi(Baghlan)Konduz Airport
YusefHerat Airport
Gurgorak(Baghlan)Konduz Airport
Mirza Dust MahdHerat Airport
Molla Qader(Baghlan)Konduz Airport
RusanziHerat Airport
Qochi(Baghlan)Konduz Airport
SardarhaHerat Airport
Baghlan(Baghlan)Konduz Airport