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Note: Data of all the airports in the Trinidad and Tobago may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances (straight line distances) and may be much different from actual travel / road distance.

Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport (Name,IATA and ICAO airport codes if available) in Trinidad and Tobago for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.

CityNearest AirportCityNearest Airport
Chaguanas(Caroni)Piarco International AirportMon Repos(San Fernando)Piarco International Airport
Port-of-Spain(Port-of-Spain)Piarco International AirportArima(Arima)Piarco International Airport
Marabella(San Fernando)Piarco International AirportPoint Fortin(Saint Patrick)Piarco International Airport
Tunapuna(Saint George)Piarco International AirportSangre Grande(Saint Andrew)Piarco International Airport
Paradise(Saint George)Piarco International AirportArouca(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Princes Town(Victoria)Piarco International AirportSiparia(Saint Patrick)Piarco International Airport
Couva(Caroni)Piarco International AirportPenal(Saint Patrick)Piarco International Airport
Scarborough(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportMucurapo(Saint Andrew)Piarco International Airport
Tabaquite(Caroni)Piarco International AirportDebe(Victoria)Piarco International Airport
Arnos Vale(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportChin Chin Savanna Village(Caroni)Piarco International Airport
Chickland(Caroni)Piarco International AirportCheeyou(Saint Andrew)Piarco International Airport
Fyzabad(Saint Patrick)Piarco International AirportChatham(Saint Patrick)Piarco International Airport
Fullarton(Saint Patrick)Piarco International AirportChase Village(Caroni)Piarco International Airport
Friendship(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportFriendship(Caroni)Piarco International Airport
Charuma(Caroni)Piarco International AirportFriendsfield(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point Airport
Charlotteville(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportChandernagore Settlement(Caroni)Piarco International Airport
Freeport(Caroni)Piarco International AirportFrederick Village(Caroni)Piarco International Airport
Arden(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportFranklyns(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point Airport
Chaguaramas(Saint George)Piarco International AirportAnse Fourmi(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point Airport
Fourth Company(Victoria)Piarco International AirportFour Roads(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Four Roads(Saint Andrew)Piarco International AirportForres Park(Caroni)Piarco International Airport
Agostini(Caroni)Piarco International AirportAdventure(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point Airport
Adelphi(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportCentento(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Fonrose(Nariva)Piarco International AirportFlorida(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point Airport
Flanagin Town(Caroni)Piarco International AirportCaura(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Filette(Saint George)Piarco International AirportFifth Company(Victoria)Piarco International Airport
Felicity Hall(Caroni)Piarco International AirportGonzalesPiarco International Airport
Febeau(Saint George)Piarco International AirportExchange(Caroni)Piarco International Airport
Castara(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportEsperance(Victoria)Piarco International Airport
Caroni(Caroni)Piarco International AirportEnterprise(Caroni)Piarco International Airport
Carnbee Village(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportCarmichael(Saint Andrew)Piarco International Airport
Englishman's Bay(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportEl Socorro(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Carenage(Saint George)Piarco International AirportEl Quemado(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Cardiff(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportEl Dorado(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Caratal(Victoria)Piarco International AirportEckel Village(Victoria)Piarco International Airport
Ecclesville(Nariva)Piarco International AirportCarapo(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Carapichaima(Caroni)Piarco International AirportEasterfield(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point Airport
East Dry River(Port-of-Spain)Piarco International AirportEarthigg(Port-of-Spain)Piarco International Airport
Duncan(Victoria)Piarco International AirportCap-de-Ville(Saint Patrick)Piarco International Airport
Caparo(Caroni)Piarco International AirportCantaro(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Dowe(Caroni)Piarco International AirportCanaan(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point Airport
Dinsley(Saint George)Piarco International AirportCanaan(Victoria)Piarco International Airport
Cameron(Saint George)Piarco International AirportDiego Martin(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
Cambleton(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportDibe(Saint George)Piarco International Airport
California(Caroni)Piarco International AirportDiamond(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point Airport
Diamond(Caroni)Piarco International AirportDiamond(Victoria)Piarco International Airport
Calder Hall(Tobago)Tobago-Crown Point AirportCalcutta Settlement(Caroni)Piarco International Airport
Icacos(Saint Patrick)Piarco International AirportCaigual(Saint Andrew)Piarco International Airport
Cacandee Settlement(Caroni)Piarco International AirportHowson(Saint Andrew)Piarco International Airport
Delhi Settlement(Saint Patrick)Piarco International AirportButler(Caroni)Piarco International Airport

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