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This is an online tool to search airports in Nepal nearest to city , town , village or any place in Nepal and display them on the map with their distances.
To search the nearest to city airport in Nepal, start typing the name of the city/town/village/place name for which you want to search the nearest Nepal airport.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Nepal may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances (straight line distances) and may be much different from actual travel / road distance.

Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport (Name,IATA and ICAO airport codes if available) in Nepal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.

CityNearest AirportCityNearest Airport
Kathmandu(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportPatan(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International Airport
Biratnagar(Seti Zone)Biratnagar AirportBirganj(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International Airport
Dharan Bazar(Seti Zone)Biratnagar AirportBharatpur(Seti Zone)Pokhara Airport
Janakpur(Seti Zone)Janakpur AirportDhangarhi(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Butwal(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa AirportMahendranagar(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Hetauda(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportBhaktapur(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International Airport
Bhairahawa(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa AirportGulariya(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Ithari(Seti Zone)Biratnagar AirportTikapur(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Kirtipur(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportTulsipur(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Rajbiraj(Seti Zone)Biratnagar AirportLahan(Seti Zone)Janakpur Airport
Panaoti(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportGaur(Seti Zone)Janakpur Airport
Siraha(Seti Zone)Janakpur AirportJaleswar(Seti Zone)Janakpur Airport
Baglung(Seti Zone)Pokhara AirportKhandbari(Seti Zone)Biratnagar Airport
Dhankuta(Seti Zone)Biratnagar AirportWaling(Seti Zone)Pokhara Airport
Dailekh(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportMalangwa(Seti Zone)Janakpur Airport
Bhadrapur(Seti Zone)Biratnagar AirportDadeldhura(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Darchula(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportIlam(Seti Zone)Biratnagar Airport
Banepa(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportJumla(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Gamgadhi(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBinaikgaon(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Kanjerolba(Seti Zone)Pokhara AirportBimtakothi(Seti Zone)Pokhara Airport
Kharka(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportBilauri(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Kohalpur(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBijauri(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Bijalpura(Seti Zone)Janakpur AirportBichhuwa(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Bhurkia(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBhurchaur(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Bhujauli(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa AirportBhowa(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Bhopatpur(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBholi(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Bhojpur(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBhojpur(Seti Zone)Biratnagar Airport
Bhitania(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBhingrigaon(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa Airport
Bhimphedi(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportBhikhna Thori(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International Airport
Bhawanipur(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBhataulia(Seti Zone)Janakpur Airport
Bhata(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportBhartabas(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa Airport
Bharatpur(Seti Zone)Pokhara AirportBhandari(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Bhandar(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportBhaktapur(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International Airport
Bhajni(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBhairahawa(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa Airport
Bhainse Dobhan(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportBhainsaha(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Bhagwanpur(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa AirportBhagwanpur(Seti Zone)Janakpur Airport
Bhagaura(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa AirportBhada(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Betrawati(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportBethari(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa Airport
Beteni(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBerhampuri(Seti Zone)Janakpur Airport
Benighat(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportBeni Ghat(Seti Zone)Janakpur Airport
Beni(Seti Zone)Pokhara AirportBeluwa(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International Airport
Belgaon(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBelbhar(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Belani(Seti Zone)Pokhara AirportBelahia(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa Airport
Bela(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBeding(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International Airport
Baudhatinchule(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International AirportBatra(Seti Zone)Janakpur Airport
Bathala(Seti Zone)Pokhara AirportBatar Bazar(Seti Zone)Tribhuvan International Airport
Basbeti(Seti Zone)Biratnagar AirportBartar(Seti Zone)Pokhara Airport
Barmdeo Mandi(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBarikot(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj Airport
Barhara(Seti Zone)Biratnagar AirportBarhamjia(Seti Zone)Biratnagar Airport
Bargaon(Seti Zone)Nepalgunj AirportBarewa(Seti Zone)Bhairahawa Airport

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